All things new in OBA…

I must begin by thanking you, the readers, for your overwhelming response. My first blog had over 700 views in two days.
I am humbled and so very grateful for your support. My original plans were to write one blog every couple of weeks, but I’m so encouraged, and excited, and could not wait to “press” another. Without further delay…Blog #2 “All Things New”.

A frequent visitor to OBA & GSA recently pointed out to me that one of their main objectives of any future trip to our lovely coast is to search and seek out new things to do- you know..break up the monotony. A vacation is suppose to refresh and recharge us. If we continue on the same [boring] path as our last visit, and don’t try new adventures, are we truly embracing the restoration we should be receiving?

Today, I will share with you an idea for a new activity, a new place to dine, and a relatively new boutique that has the hottest trends in town.

Before I get rolling, let me define “local”. A “local” [me] is someone who has been here long enough to know that OBA was once a lot of undeveloped land, full of orange groves. My cool friend, George, whom I’ve known 25 years, has recounted his stories to me about his grandmother’s orange groves at the east end of Canal Road in OBA. I love history, so I soak up this good stuff like a sponge. George is an interesting guy, and I’m hoping to interview him soon about a future little OBA history blog. ((hint))
Anyway, long before this place was a destination beach vacation mecca for the Midwest and I-65 & I-10 corridors, it was once just a sleepy little fishing and citrus village. I pride myself on staying in touch with not only where OBA came from, but what it has become today. I’m so happy to share this with all of you. I’m literally beaming with pride.

Who enjoys an amazing sunset? Imagine that sunset aboard a 6 passenger (max capacity) sailing yacht. Captain Ryan has redefined private sailing charters in OBA. He will happily assist you in making those magical memories the Beach Whisper loves to reference. is the easiest way to learn more about this unique and affordable sailing charter. A private sail is the perfect way to recapture the romance, or celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or simply celebrate LIFE. If you love the water, the sound of the wind in the sails, and the magnificent open sky above you, this is definitely a “must do” to add to your list.
Bonus: Make sure you call to book a reservation because the available time slots are limited with the small passenger capacity on this sailing yacht. 251-981-SAIL.

The Cayman Grill
, located at 26189 Canal Road, OBA, just before (west of) the Orange Beach public library and waterside city park.
I love The Cayman Grill’s motto, “If our seafood were any fresher, your feet would be wet”. I can personally attest this is true. We dined there last weekend, Valentine’s night, with a large group of friends. [P.S. the layout of the restaurant is perfect to accommodate large groups] The Cayman Grill’s seating capacity is among the larger ones in town (for those, who like me, do not particularly care for the standard two hour+ wait times during the height of summer tourist season).
Things I love about The Cayman Grill (in no particular order):
1. They list the origin of each fish selection on their menu. FULL disclosure is a very good thing.
2. I love a good “small plate” menu (but only if it is good and theirs is SUPERB).
I’m a “grazer” [meaning much like an animal in the pasture, when I’m at a new place, I like to ‘graze’ and sample].
The Cayman Grill makes that possible with generous portions on their small plates menu. My two favorites are coconut shrimp and New Bedford scallops.
3. Coconut Shrimp- the BEST I’ve found in this town. Trust me, unless you have a shellfish allergy, your vacation will not be complete unless you consume this delicacy.
4. New Bedford Scallops..oh how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Anything served with little flash fried leeks, and drizzled with bacon sherry vinaigrette has to be OUTSTANDING…right? {Imagine Meg Ryan in the famous “When Harry Met Sally” scene shouting “YES YES YES”. MAJOR Foodgasm! My friend, Dr. Lee, a baby-delivering MD cracks up when I use that word, but in this case, it is the only word to fully describe this delicious food experience.
Two for one BONUS: The decor & atmosphere in The Cayman Grill feeds your soul! [Take your camera~PHOTO OPP]. Not only is this place strategically built on the edge of the calm back bay (water view), but the interior design will make you feel like you are somewhere in the south Pacific. It is sexy, sophisticated, but also laid back. It is the perfect place for a date, but also family friendly. In this blogger’s book, the owner nailed the concept, and hit a home run with this masterpiece.
The other bonus: Macadamia nut-crusted KEY LIME PIE. Take a slice home if you fill up on the awesome food, but don’t leave without it.

If you aren’t a lady or a “queen”, then stop reading. Otherwise, this will bore you to tears. There is only one store lovely enough and distinguished enough to earn this blogger’s PREMIER boutique in OBA award: Lucca
Lucca is located at The Wharf, 4776 Main Street, Suite Lower level east 101, OBA [at the intersection of Canal Road and The Foley Beach Expressway toll booth bridge]
Lucca’s motto: “The cutting edge of fashion, straight off the runway to you”.
Lucca’s owner attends fashion shows in Paris. She is connected to the global fashion market. Her presence is always at New York fashion week, and she has an incredible eye for fashion. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She dresses most local business owners for their television commercials, photo shoots, and special appearances. If you have an upcoming special occasion, you can most definitely trust the capable hands at Lucca to assist you in finding your best look. If you want to treat yourself to something new while on vacation, make sure you visit Lucca.
Lucca also has a blog:

So, that concludes today’s blog. I’ve given you all things “new”. A new activity, a new restaurant w/a great photo opp, and a new boutique shopping experience, all in just over 1,000 words. I’m pretty proud. I achieved my goal of writing less words. Yay me!

warm wishes from the beautiful gulf coast,
The Beach Whisper

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