Blog 3: With temps in the 70’s today, it is a reminder that Spring Break is just around the corner…

Hello my loyal readers! I am so excited about today’s blog! It contains a place to visit for free, a great mani/pedi spot, and a new breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant in OBA.
In an attempt to “save the best for last”…I will discuss the food last.
Many of my local friends walk the Backcountry Trail of OBA daily. Also known as “Catman Trail” (look up the story regarding the lore and local legend). [] For families who believe “the family who cycles together stays together”, you likely have your own bicycles hanging from a rack on the back of your SUV, van, or wagon, but in case you aren’t quite as good as some about packing, I wanted you to know that OBA has a new cycle rental shop, Infinity Cycles.
Every beautiful day this winter, I’ve watched our winter visitors ride up and down the sidewalk from the cycle shop to the entrance of Backcountry Trail. Witnessing the smiles on these patrons faces as they peddle down the trail is all the proof I need to know that Infinity Bicycles [4575 Orange Beach Blvd., OBA] is doing a great job. Call 251-974-1727, for additional info.
Hours of operation are: M-F 10-6 Sat. 10-4 Sun 12-4.
Their rates are $10 an hour. $30 a day. $70 a week. [info retrieved from their answering machine]
Of course, if you prefer to walk the trail or transport your own bicycle then this activity/outing is totally free. It is a great alternative to getting away from the sand and the sound of sea gulls for a few hours, and getting in touch with nature. The city of Orange Beach and the Gulf State Park have done a great job of building resting stations & bathroom stations along the way, for everyone’s comfort and convenience. I don’t want to be redundant of what you can read on your own by going to their website, but I will say that this is something to add to your “must do” list. Backcountry Trail actually contains seven trails among six distinct ecosystems making up more than 15 miles of this very well-planned and designed trail.
Any given day, you could see a bobcat, an alligator basking in the sun, a variety of local birds, or a white-tailed deer. This trail provides hours of educational outdoor fun for any nature-loving enthusiast. DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA! THE PICTURE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS!

 [25755 Perdido Beach Blvd. OBA] is the perfect place to take a “time out” and pamper yourself for an hour or two. Billy and his professional staff are equipped to pamper you with the most state-of-the-art pedicure chairs the Beachwhisper has found on the island. Elite Nails is located in the large Publix shopping center at the intersection of Beach Blvd. and AL highway 161, in OBA.
Elite Nails is heavily staffed and ready for the vacationers whether it is a mani/pedi combo or just a polish change. They can efficiently meet your needs.
Bonus: The Shellac polish will stand up to the sand and surf. It has a 14 day “life”. Life is good when the nail polish lasts two weeks. Before Shellac, mine often peeled off within 48 hours.
If you cannot convince the man in your life to relax and have a pedicure, the good thing about the location of Elite Nails, it is SURROUNDED by food. Two doors to the right is a sports bar-type place, called Hurricanes. Their menu is your typical variety of 20+ flavors of wings, some seafood, and salads. A Subway sandwich store sits directly to the left of Elite Nails, and on the other side of Subway, is Rotolo’s Pizza. Truthfully, the Beachwhisper’s palate is a little more discriminating, therefore, I likely will not blog about these chains in the future, but these three places are all thriving businesses who have remained in business for several years- meaning, they are obviously doing something right.

FOOD: ahhhh….oh this one is a very special!
My beloved readers, you are going to LOVE the Beachwhisper for this recommendation. Normally, I would not write about a chain, but this is the exception to the rule. It ranks HIGH on my list of favorites.
Another Broken Egg Cafe [25910 Canal Road, Suite K] Orange Beach. Ph: 251-981-7780
Open daily (7 days a week) 7:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 p.m.
Their full menu is served ALL DAY.
For starters, let me give you a run down of the highest quality ingredients they serve. Eggland’s BEST eggs, bacon that is butchered exclusively for Another Broken Egg Cafe, hand cut in-house and BAKED, not fried, and finally, A PURE SCRATCH kitchen~ a major plus with me and most of my friends. That approach to cooking is obvious when you dig in to the divine creations coming out of this PURE SCRATCH kitchen.
Let’s get right into the menu.
Two omelets I HIGHLY recommend you try before you die: The Floridian & The Bacquezo (Ba-Key-Zo!). My oh my….
As we say in the south…”These will make you want to slap your Aunt Sally!” Whew! Cream cheese in an omelet…who would have “thunk”? Ahhhhmazing!!!!!
Let’s talk “City Grits”. My “FrAMILY” friend, Klink (only a Marine from Michigan would have a name like that, right?) said it best, “These are the best darn grits I’ve ever had in my life, and I never even liked grits until now!”
Y’all, these grits are country boy grits with a whole lot of Moxie!
They start with buttery high quality grits, add smoked gouda cheese, finely sautéed onions, a little fresh garlic, and mix it all up. Then they top ’em with bacon, tomatoes, and green onions, and a little more smoked gouda. A slightly sweet, very savory twist on plain old grits.
Another Broken Egg Cafe has a full service bar for those “tough as nails” guys who have a motto of “You can’t say you’ve been drinking all day if you don’t start in the morning”. [Another quote from some good old Michiganders]
Translation: If you want Bloody Mary’s and Burgers w/Mediterranean style potatoes…order it. They can feed your craving.
Speaking of Bloody Mary’s: pepper infused vodka is ALL they use in their Bloody Mary’s. The big dispenser with all the yummy goodness is sitting right on the bar for you to see that it is used in your drink.
At Another Broken Egg Cafe this morning, I leaned over and asked another patron, “What do you like best about this place?” His response, “The eggs are ALWAYS fluffy. They serve a variety of bread: bagels, english muffins, biscuits, or toast, and the Benedict Oscar is the best thing I’ve ever had for breakfast-period!”
He said this with such enthusiasm that I asked if the expeditor could come out and explain the Benedict Oscar to me for future reference. So, they take a premium English muffin, top it with grilled flat iron steak, two poached medium eggs, top it with garlic sautéed crab meat, asparagus, and Bearnaise sauce. Oh yes, please!
Here are a few things the Beachwhisper loves about Another Broken Egg Cafe: in addition to the outstanding food, to wash it down, they have delicious coffee, tea, and soda- Coca-Cola to be exact (I do not have an acquired taste for Pepsi, so it is always a plus for me if the restaurant serves Coca-Cola); a full service coffee bar, with cappuccino’s, mocha’s, and latte’s that taste WAY better than the big “green” chain; a beautiful atmosphere- very clean and bright with lots of natural light, and comfy cushions on the chair and booth benches; a nicely stocked table caddy, including McCormick’s individual pepper and salt grinders, Heinz (my favorite brand) ketchup for those wonderful Idaho breakfast potatoes; and Dickinson’s Jellies & Jams (as served in fine hotels).
I know most of my vacationing friends eat donuts and pop tarts for breakfast, but set aside at least ONE day of your stay, and venture over to Another Broken Egg Cafe for a culinary treat that you likely could not recreate in your own kitchen after taking 6 months of cooking school. Their food is truly artistic- a real treat.

Please share and offer your feedback. Also, when you visit these places, make sure you tell them you read about them on The Beach Whisper’s blog. I’m very encouraged by ALL the wonderful support you all have given to me so far. I have been receiving invitations for coffee, tea, and meetings to discuss advancing my blog.
I hope you all visit our gorgeous coast very soon. The weather is beautiful…wish you were here.

One thought on “Blog 3: With temps in the 70’s today, it is a reminder that Spring Break is just around the corner…

  1. Tabitha,
    Love your blog! Full of good useful info. We are coming back to OBA this summer for “big family” vacation (17 men, women, n children) after 4 years of going to 30A. Looking forward to trying all your recommended spots.


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